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Collegiate Member-at-large Alex Maciejewski

What it means to serve on the International Executive Board and vision for the fraternity?

The opportunity to serve the fraternity as the 2019-2021 Collegiate Member-at-Large for Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc. is truly one of the greatest honors I could ever envision. As a proud Brother of Kappa Psi, I am immensely excited to be able serve on the International Executive Committee for the next two years. As Collegiate Member-at-Large, I hope to continue to advance the vision of the fraternity by strengthening the collegiate experience through innovating various opportunities for leadership and professional development as well as further promoting our fraternity on a national level. Additionally, Kappa Psi has given me the opportunity to make an impact through the profession of pharmacy through sharing my passion of helping others in the surrounding community. This fraternity has shaped the person I am today, and nothing compares to the magnitude of the long-lasting friendships, mentors, and memories Kappa Psi has allowed me to make throughout the past 5 years.

What is your ultimate professional goal(s)?

One of my lifetime goals is to pursue a career in academia and/or administration. Prior to doing so, I would like to complete a two-year residency program. This would give me the opportunity to earn a teaching certificate to begin my pathway of teaching at a College of Pharmacy. My passion for working with younger students and mentoring them through their college career pathway is something that I have enjoyed doing the past several years at Drake serving as mentor at Drake University. This is something I thoroughly enjoyed and without any doubt would like to pursue in the future. I strongly believe in maximizing every experience an individual receives, and as a developing student leader at Drake University, reflecting upon my leadership development is a vital component to discovering who I am.

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