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Risk Management

NPP Satrap: Karina Rauenhorst


The committee works to make sure all risk management procedures and policies are being followed, and to serve as a resource for all chapters and brothers across the province. The committee has been working to develop more defined role(s) of Sober Brothers at Province Assembly, as well as to determine the appropriate number of brothers needed to fulfill this role during Province Assembly. Lastly, the committee evaluates the role of pledges at Province Assembly and the risk they may present to provide recommendations to the NPP Executive Council. 


To be completed prior to upcoming province assembly:

  • Revise legislation on Pledges at province assembly and be ready to present the policy at Fall Province Assembly

  • Determine how to identify sober brothers at province assembly

  • Discuss current risk management processes and evaluate areas for improvement, particularly the need for sober brothers on Sunday of province assemblies

  • Hold a webinar for pledge educators about risk management early in the Fall semester

To be discussed at upcoming province assembly:

  • Discuss any Risk Management concerns for the weekend, and touch base

  • Where are chapters at in implementing new Risk Management policies?


  • Upload documents to the Risk Management Committee Google Drive folder as appropriate

  • Serve as a resource for Chapters and the Executive Committee on Risk Management Policy and Procedures to follow

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