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History and Web Presence

NPP Historian: Annika Meyers

NPP Webmaster: Kevin Laspa



This committee is is now a collaboration of the former Province History Committee with the Web Presence Committee. It serves the province chapters to better increase our communication across the province and utilize the website and social media pages to serve as central locations for province/national information. The committee provides feedback and recommendations to the Webmaster for updating/ maintaining our website/social media. The committee now collaborates to gather historical records, artifacts, and photos as well as to promote these on province social media. Collegiate chapter Historians serve an integral role in providing the NPP Historian with such documents to preserve our history. The committee is currently working to streamline the communication across the province, and to engage the province in preserving and learning our history. 


To be completed prior to upcoming province assembly:

  • Update the website with province assembly information as needed

  • Update PhilanTrophy information in collaboration with the Philanthropy Committee

  • Gather news stories for the News tab on the NPP website

  • Maintain all pages on the For Brothers Tab

  • Organize a Webinar on a topic selected by the committee

  • Review what should be included on the NPP website, and brainstorm new ideas

  • History of NPP Awards – significance and winners, History of province meetings

  • Chapter History

  • Integrate social media into website and connect accounts

  • Connect website to other Province websites and the National Website (the new website) to help streamline information and access

  • Replace the leadership symposium information with GCC information on the home page

  • Work with the Historian to create a virtual scrapbook and assist with the Broto Challenge

To be discussed at upcoming province assembly:

  • Develop new ideas to be featured on NPP website and social media platforms

  • Evaluate sustainability of social media platforms and website tabs

  • Discuss problems relating to social media involvement experienced by chapters

  • Discuss continuation of the BROTO Challenge


  • Upload documents to the History and Web Presence Committee Google Drive folder as appropriate

  • Work with NPP Historian to create Spring and Fall NPP Newsletter

  • Promote and regulate KY Pspotlight

  • Promote all functions of the NPP Website and other social media platforms

  • Promote regulation to the Social Media Policy

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