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Karina Rauenhorst


The Satrap works similarly to that of a regent of a collegiate or graduate chapter. They preside over assembly meetings, serve as the liaison for the province, and as a point of contact for all chapters within Northern Plains Province. As well the Satrap works to delegate responsibilities to executive committee members or NPP brothers as necessary. 


Abby Riewer

Vice Satrap

The Vice Satrap works to support the Satrap in all of their goals for the executive council for the coming year. They support other members in the executive committee that may need additional help with their duties. As well, the Vice Satrap works with host chapters to ensure the NPP assembly is planned well, and runs smoothly. 

Evan Johnson


The secretary works to maintain an updated list of contact information for all chapters within the Northern Plains Province. Additionally they are the main point for the communication tree, sending out necessary and important information to the chapters within the province. They also keep notes of executive council meetings, so that members may look back at tasks delegated to them. 

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Adam Roskam


The Treasurer works to maintain accurate bookkeeping of the Northern Plains Province accounting. In addition, they also oversee the auditing committee, and delegate tasks to those involved as needed. They also ensure that all chapters are up-to-date on their dues, and ensures the province taxes are done in time. 

Annika Meyers


The Historian keeps track of all important events that take place in the Northern Plains Province. They also ensure chapters submit information for MASK submission on time, and creates a monthly newsletter. They also serve as a point of contact for the history and web presence committee.


Jami Schell


The Chaplain works to supervise and direction instructions surrounding the rituals of Kappa Psi. They work as a point of contact and overseer to the Philanthropy Committee. In addition they perform the invocation and reciting the Vow of Allegiance at Assembly meetings. 

Kevin Laspa

Web Master

The Web Master works to ensure all social media is up-to-date, promoting assemblies, and chapter success. They oversee the website, and ensure the webpage is user friendly, as well as appealing. They additionally work as a point of contact for the history and web presence committee.

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