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NPP 99ers

NPP Satrap: Karina Rauenhorst


The NPP 99er's is made up of grad brothers from all over NPP. The NPP 99er's have the infamous role of determining which chapter is awarded the Chapter Report Award at each Province Assembly based on criteria developed by the 99er's. The 99er's work to determine what adds value to Province Assembly for collegiates and grads to provide recommendations to the NPP Executive Council. The committee communicates with the group to make sure all members are aware of upcoming assembly registration and updated. During the Spring Province Assembly before GCC, the committee awards GCC Scholarships to collegiate brothers to support their registration and travel. The NPP 99er's committee also works to maintain the group's LinkedIn, Facebook, and List-serv email groups. 


To be completed prior to upcoming province assembly:

  • Distribute scholarships to winners of the NPP GCC Scholarship at GCC

  • Work with the Leadership and Professional Development Committee to organize the mentor program (LinkedIn and website incorporation) and organize graduate participation in professional events

To be discussed at upcoming province assembly:​

  • Discuss the role and future of the NPP 99’ers



  • Upload documents to the NPP 99’ers Committee Google Drive folder as appropriate

  • Discuss what adds value to Grads at Province Meetings and provide recommendations to the Executive Committee (ie. Networking, Mentoring Students, CE, etc)

  • Promote LinkedIn group and provide guidance to collegiates and graduates on purpose and how to use

  • Maintain the NPP 99ers email list serve and Facebook page

  • Notify the NPP 99ers via Facebook page and email list serve of Province meeting registration information and committee sign-ups

  • At each Province Assembly the Graduate Relations chairperson will:​

    • Present a Recognition Button to the conclave host chair during the Province banquet

    • Present GCC Scholarship winners during the Province Banquet (during GCC year) 

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