Spring Province 2022:

Hosted By: Gamma Kappa- South Dakota State University 

Stay tuned!

Cost and additional information in registration link
Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns at npp.vicesatrap@gmail.com

Future Province Assemblies

Spring 2023: Gamma Kappa (South Dakota State University)

Fall 2023: Beta Chi (Drake University) 

Spring 2024: Epsilon (University of Minnesota - Minneapolis)

Fall 2024: Beta Nu (Creighton University)

Spring 2025: Delta Psi (University of Minnesota - Duluth)

Fall 2025: Beta Sigma (North Dakota State University)

Spring 2026: Beta Psi (University of Wisconsin)

Fall 2026: Gamma Epsilon (University of Nebraska) 

Spring 2027: Zeta Theta (Concordia University)