The BROTO Challenge

The BROTO Challenge is a competition between chapters that contains three components: province trivia, number of photo submissions, and the winning photo of themed challenge.


Each of these will be worth 33.3% of your total score, which will be updated here until province assembly! 


Every 2 weeks there will be a new province history question. The first chapter to get the answer right will win 10 points. The second and third chapters will receive 5 points and 2 points respectively. This is solely based on which chapter gets the correct answer first. The questions will open each Sunday. 


The chapter with the most photo submissions (of different photos) will receive 10 points. This can be accomplished by participation with the whole chapter! 


Every 2 weeks, a new theme will be released for the Broto Challenge. To submit a photo, the submissions must be posted on social media with the #KYNPPChallenge and the hashtag of the competition. The History and Web Presence committee will vote on the winner for the bi-weekly challenges. The first place winner will receive 10 points, second place 5 points, and third place 2 points. Chapters can receive more than just one win within a challenge.

Winners of each challenge may be posted on the NPP social media pages.

**All photos must follow Kappa Psi’s social media policy. This includes excluding any alcohol or items that could be mistaken for alcohol in your photos. This does include red solo cups.**

For any questions or concerns, please email:
Allison Smith, Historian