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The BROTO Challenge

The BROTO Challenge is a competition between chapters that contains three components: province trivia, number of photo submissions, and the winning photo of themed challenge.


Use the hashtag #NPPBrotoChallenge on your chapters social media. 


Trivia will be performed at province. Exact time to be announced.

1st Place: 10 Points                     
2nd Place: 5 Points
3rd Place: 3 Points


Points awarded for chapter Instagram posts or submissions to the google drive. For themes, please use the theme in the caption. Submit all with #NPPBrotoChallenge.

10 points: Visiting another chapter.                            Themes:

10 points: Themed photos                                   Fed- Falling in love with.....
5 points: Philanthropy event                              March- Spring into a new book

2 points: Any other event                                    April- April showers bring...
1 point: Any other post

Committee Meetings

10 points for each attendance of committee meetings. 


10 points for each submission to the newsletter. More information coming soon!

Winners of each challenge may be posted on the NPP social media pages.

**All photos must follow Kappa Psi’s social media policy. This includes excluding any alcohol or items that could be mistaken for alcohol in your photos. This does include red solo cups.**

For any questions or concerns, please email:
Annika Meyers, Historian
Kevin Laspa, Webmaster
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