province planning


NPP EC: Kaytlyn Dummer, Zeta

Co-Chair: Elizabeth Langenstroer, Beta


Description: The goals of this committee are to develop meaningful province assembly experiences and work with the host chapters to ensure that there are beneficial sessions for brothers to attend. This year we will be designing different province assembly events, reviewing survey data, evaluating province assembly meeting structures, and potentially revising the province assembly planning document that is the distributed to the host chapters.


To be completed prior to upcoming province assembly:

  • Work with Beta Psi to assist in planning events for Spring Province Assembly


To be discussed at upcoming province assembly:

  • What went well in planning this Province Assembly?

  • What new ideas for Province Assembly should be explored?



  • Upload documents to the Province Committee Google Drive folder as appropriate

  • Distribute the Province Planning Packet and assist host chapters in planning Province Assembly

  • Continually update province planning tips sheet and province planning packet as needed

  • Assist host chapters to prepare materials for professional workshops or CE presentations


To be completed before future province assembly:

  • Work with Epsilon in planning Fall Province Assembly

Future Province Host Locations: 

Spring 2020: Epsilon (University of Minnesota - Twin Cities)
Fall 2020: Gamma Epsilon (UNMC)
Spring 2021: Zeta Theta (Concordia University)
Fall 2021: Delta Zeta (University of Iowa)
Spring 2022: Gamma Kappa (South Dakota State University)
Fall 2022: Beta Chi (Drake University)
Spring 2023: Delta Psi (University of Minnesota - Duluth)
Fall 2023: Beta Nu (Creighton University)
Spring 2024: Beta Sigma (North Dakota State University)