Province Assembly Social Media Challenge


Which chapter can earn the most points while completing challenges, getting to know brothers from other chapters, and exploring Madison?

Details & Rules:

- Challenge will run throughout the weekend of Province Assembly and a winner will be announced early next week

- Posts must follow Risk Management and Picture and Social Media policies

- How to post

    - Select a challenge from the list below to complete

    - Take photo or video to complete challenge and post on Facebook or Instagram

    - Use #BetaPsi100, #[your chapter], and #[challenge you are completing]

    - Post must be 'public'

Posts may count for more than one chapter if brothers from multiple chapters are included, don't forget to include each chapter in caption

Be creative! Have fun! Be safe!

Road Trip! -  Take a photo of brothers having fun on their way to Madison!   

ROR – Take a photo donating a book to the Reach Out and Read Book Drive
Poster Pride – Take a photo as you learn about other chapter at the Collegiate Chapter Poster Session
5 Assemblies Strong – Find a brother from another chapter who has been to 5 Province Assemblies (of any Province) and take a photo with them!
First Timer – Find a brother from another chapter who is at a Province Assembly for the first time
Living Art – Take a photo of a brother next to and imitating your favorite statue in Madison!
NPP EC – Find an NPP Officer and take a photo with them
Home Team – Take a photo of all brothers from your chapter at Province Assembly

Ribbit – Play a leisurely game of leapfrog [SAFELY]
Spot Bucky! – Take a picture with Bucky the Badger
Kappa at the Capitol – Take a photo with a view of the Capitol building 
Pharmacists find a Pharmacy – Take a photo in front of a pharmacy
Gettin’ Spiffy – Take a photo of brothers tying ties or putting on their dancing shoes as they get ready for the Centennial Celebration
Is it Fall or Winter? – Find 2 different colors of leaves AND snow
Woof Woof – Find a dog!
Energy Boost – Take a photo or video of at least 3 brothers drinking their morning coffee
Make the World a Better Place – Take a photo with a piece of litter you found [and properly dispose of it]
Brilliant! – Snap a shot of a brother standing under a lightbulb as if coming up with a brilliant idea
Thumb War – Challenge a brother from another chapter to a thumb war and take a photo or video of the action
Dance it out – Challenge a brother from another chapter to a dance contest and take a photo or video of the action
Up High – Take a photo or video high-fiving at least 2 brothers from other chapters
What a Year – Obtain a coin of any denomination from 2012; double points for including the significance of the year 2012 in your post!
Yarrr Pirates – Construct and wear a pirate hat made of newspaper
Book Club – Take a photo of a brother reading a book
I’ll Be There for You – Take a video of brothers on a couch singing the Friends theme song….claps must be included!
Jugglin’ – Record a brother juggling 3+ objects
Rocky – Take a photo of brothers posing in victory at the top of a large flight of stairs

Questions? Find Webmaster Areeb Nagamiyan or any NPP EC member to connect you! 

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