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NPP EC: Evan Johnson (

Description: The Legislative Committee serves to review and refine amendments to the Province Ordinances as suggested by the brothers as well as answer any questions on said Ordinances. The Committee also serves as a reference for the Province as to Parliamentary  Procedure. As the Committee Chair, it is their duty to receive any questions or proposals and send them to the Committee



To be completed prior to upcoming province assembly:

  • Review the Constitution and Bylaws, gather Province opinion and prepare a legislative proposal to address Brothers running for Executive Council Office that are not present to be elected

  • Organize a Webinar or other form of presentation on Robert’s Rules

  • Distribute the legislative proposal survey prior to Province Assembly

  • Create resolutions for Spring Province Assembly


To be discussed at upcoming province assembly:

  • Review local ordinances to see where legislative changes should be made

  • Look for ways to improve the legislative process



  • Upload documents to the Legislative Committee Google Drive folder as appropriate

  • Serve as a resource for Chapters and the Executive Committee on legislative processes and bylaw questions

  • Accept and review legislative proposals

  • Work with webmaster to provide a location on Google Drive or Website for Brothers/Chapters to submit questions or proposals (as to make this process consistent from assembly to assembly)

  • Provide each chapter and each Executive Committee officer with a copy of the current NPP ordinances


To be completed before future province assembly:

  • Create resolutions for Fall Province Assembly

  • Accept and review legislative proposals

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