leadership & 
Professional development


NPP EC:  Lauren Cartledge, WI Grad--lauren.calkins12@gmail.com

Co-Chair: Claire Monzel, Beta Chi--claire.monzel@drake.edu

Co-Chair: Kaila Kuehn, Gamma Kappa--kaila.kuehn@jacks.sdstate.edu


Description: This committee is new as of Spring 2017! This committee works to develop resources to educate brothers on the leadership opportunities available in the province. They also evaluate mentor opportunities and professional development topics. The committee has also been tasked with creating a document that describes all of the NPP committees, committee chair responsibilities, and committee charges/responsibilities. 




To be completed prior to upcoming province assembly

  • Create a leadership development activity during Spring Province Assembly

  • Determine what topics would be of interest to collegiate and graduates to promote leadership and professional development

  • Collect chapter leadership and professional development events and create a document to be uploaded to the website/social media

  • Look into ways to incorporate Graduate Brothers/Chapters into leadership and professional development events

To be discussed at upcoming province assembly

  • What are chapters doing now to incorporate leadership and professional development?

  • How can graduate brothers get involved with leadership and professional development events?


  • Upload documents to the Leadership and Professional Development Committee Google Drive folder as appropriate

  • Discuss and work out practical ways to promote leadership and professional development

To be completed before future province assemblies

  • Create a leadership and professional development activity at Fall Province Assembly