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Gamma Epsilon Spotlight

Andrew Flint is the current treasurer for Gamma Epsilon. Recognized as a great leader within Kappa Psi but most importantly in his pathway to becoming a pharmacist.  Flint expresses his interest in the position of a treasurer; "I am an avid student whose analytically oriented with much experience in managing financial accounts."  To start this year off, Flint has advocated throughout the pledge process by actively seeking out potential new members.  He shares the benefits and long lifetime treasures you have when becoming a brother, and shares to potential brothers how they would fit into our fraternity as a whole.  "This is a life-long membership and the family you join will always be there for you."  Throughout Flint’s studies within pharmacy, Kappa Psi has been much of a benefit.  He has received the opportunities to be able to network and create friendships whose bonds will never be broken.  Flint’s goal within his career is to continue advancing within the field of pharmacy through scholarly research and clinical practice. Flint is recognized within his studies. He has recently been published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry; "Reevaluating the Substrate Specificity of the L-Type Amino Acid Transporter (LAT1)."  After being published he can take many lessons away from the experience and achievement to guide and give advice to his future brothers and current brothers within the field of pharmacy.  "Always continue to push yourself outside of the classroom and within the pharmacy.  Do not become complacent with your current position in life.  The greatest discoveries, internal or external, do not come to those who are content."  For our brothers today, future brothers tomorrow, and brothers down the road Flint can only hope that each and everyone can benefit from Kappa Psi as much as he is, has, and did. Once a brother, always a brother.