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Building Brotherhood, Together.

Whether you’ve been a part of this province from the start, or you’re just getting started, a little help goes a long way. With your support, we can build a fraternity that will develop industry, sobriety, and fellowship and foster high ideals, scholarship, and pharmaceutical research. Donating can help finance future Northern Plains Province (NPP) projects for Reach Out and Read, recognition and awards for outstanding NPP brothers, or any other endeavors now or in the future. 
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"Books, like mirrors, help reflect what we observe and know about the world we live in. It’s powerful to read or listen to a story about someone like you. Books also allow us to view and understand lives that are different from our own, like a window onto other experiences. But to succeed as mirrors and windows, books must tell a wide range of stories—and they must include a diversity of people and worlds. At Reach Out and Read, we’re committed to increasing access to inclusive books for young people of all races and backgrounds." - Reach Out and Read
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