delta zeta
university of iowa | iowa city, IA
brittany bittner

Delta Zeta Spotlight

How Kappa Psi has influenced you (career, personal, philanthropy, leadership)? 

Being a part of Kappa Psi has played a large role in my pharmacy school career. Personally, this organization has pushed me to be more involved that I ever expected myself to be throughout my education. My role as Professional Relations Chair is the first executive position I have ever held in any organization. Delta Zeta allowed me to come out of my shell and be an active brother in the fraternity and dedicated to my leadership position. Being in this role has also taught me a lot about leadership and how to be a leader. I have worked diligently over the last year to gain leadership skills to better my position and make the best experience for brothers in the chapter through professional events. In the upcoming year, I intend to dedicate time to strengthen the leadership skills of those in the chapter.  



What is your favorite thing/memory of Kappa Psi?  

My favorite thing about Kappa Psi is the brotherhood that is created. Through the many events and province assemblies I have been attended, I have been able to interact with more brothers than I would on a regular day in the classroom. I also enjoy creating the professional events that encourage other brothers to bond and interact with each other. I think brotherhood is a huge part of Kappa Psi that cannot be found among other organizations.  



Advice for younger students:  

I would tell incoming pharmacy students not only to get involved in something they enjoy, but to expand their horizons and take the risk to do something that they may not have pictured themselves doing. For new Kappa Psi pledges, I would recommend taking advantage of all the opportunities that the chapter has to offer. You will get out of Kappa Psi what you put into it and there is so much that you can gain from this organization.