Grand Council Convention


NPP EC:  Scott Dingus, Gamma

Chair: Grace Brent, Beta 






To be completed prior to upcoming province assembly:

  • Distribute the GCC attendance guide once 2-4 weeks before GCC with final edits made

  • Assist the NPP Delegate and Alternate Delegate in organizing the Province Caucus and other activities at GCC

  • "Follow a First Timer" - we would like to interview and follow a brother who has not been to GCC before to see their journey through and after GCC in hopes to inspire brothers who have not yet been to GCC to be included in the GCC Report to the Province

  • Assist the Delegate and Alternate delegate to provide a recap of GCC at Fall Province Assembly

To be discussed at upcoming province assembly:

  • Present GCC video report


  • Promote attendance at GCC

  • Upload documents to the GCC Committee Google Drive folder as appropriate


To be completed before future province assembly:​

  • Update and make general changes to the GCC info packet