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NPP EC:  Jami Schell (


Description: The Philanthropy Committee is tasked with promoting, organizing, and facilitating philanthropic events for the province throughout the year and during bi-annual province meetings. This committee takes the responsibility to determine criteria for the Philanthropy and developing a record of all chapters philanthropic activities.




To be completed prior to upcoming province assembly:

  • Determine the criteria for the PhilanTROPY Award and judge winners

    • Develop a reusable permanent criteria that supports the national philanthropy

  • ​Collect and distribute ideas for philanthropy events

  • Create a Spring Province Assembly ROR event

To be discussed at upcoming province assembly:

  • What philanthropy events went well?

  • What are some new ideas for philanthropy events?


  • Upload documents to the Philanthropy Committee Google Drive folder as appropriate.

  • Explore new philanthropy events related to ROR and communicate them to chapters

  • Be a resource to chapters in all things philanthropy

To be completed before future province assembly:

  • Create a Spring Province Assembly ROR event

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