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rachel Johnson

Beta Sigma Spotlight

Rachel was chosen as our spotlight member not only for her hard work in preparing for our annual philanthropy event (Fries with the Kappa Psis) but because she is a great example for current and incoming members. Rachel is hard working, honest, and always has a positive attitude. She has had a great impact on our chapter and I believe she is a great example of the type of member we should look to have in our fraternity.  

Why did you join Kappa Psi? 

Originally, as a young and naïve college student, I swore I would never get involved in Greek life. The only exposure I had to Greek life was through overly dramatic college-themed movies. At that time, the last thing on my mind was joining a fraternity or sorority. All of that changed, however, when a friend convinced me to attend some Kappa Psi recruitment events at the beginning of the spring semester of my freshman year. I remember reluctantly agreeing to go, but having no intention of joining. However, at the event I met a bunch of really great people who were excited that I and others attended their event. They welcomed us with open arms and made us feel like we truly belonged. That was when I knew I wanted to become a part of Kappa Psi. Over the next couple months on my journey to becoming a member, I saw what it really means to be a brother. I saw the strong and lasting friendships, I saw the academic successes, I saw the advocacy for the advancement pharmacy, I saw the volunteerism and commitment to serving the community, I saw the fun that everyone had at the house, and so much more. It was for those reasons that I joined Kappa Psi. 


What have you enjoyed most about being in Kappa Psi?  

I would have to say the friendships. They are friendships that are strong and long-lasting. It is great to meet people who you want to spend time with whether you study together, go to events together, or just hang out with during your free time. They are friendships that will last far beyond graduation! 


What made you run for your position?  

I ran for philanthropy chair because I love seeing the impact that we can have on lives of the people in our community and beyond. I may be biased, but I believe that philanthropy chair is one of the most rewarding positions in Kappa Psi. You get to see all of the wonderful things that your brothers are doing to help those around them. You also get to plan events that are meaningful and beneficial to others. It is always crazy when I add up all of the volunteer hours of the brothers at the end of the semester and get to see just how big of an impact we are having on those around us! 


What has it been like planning a large event like Fries with the Kappa Psi’s?  

It has been stressful, but rewarding. I, thankfully, have amazing committee members who are helping me plan the event, and, as the event draws closer, more and more of our plans, ideas, and hopes for the event are becoming a reality. For those who may not know, Fries with the Kappa Psi’s is a big philanthropy event that our chapter puts on each year to raise money for charity. The event is an all-you-can-eat fry bar with prizes raffled off during the event. Attendees enjoy fries with their choice of toppings such as chili, cheese, bacon, gravy, ranch, ketchup, and so much more. Most of the money is raised by selling tickets to the event, getting donations from the community in the form of money, food, or raffle prizes, and by selling raffle tickets. The charity we are raising money for this year is Reach Out and Read! Although planning the event has been and still will be a lot of work in the coming weeks, it is so great to see how far we’ve come already and how much of an impact our event will have on the lives of the children who are part of the Reach Out and Read program.  

Do you have any comments or advice for other brothers?  

Don’t ever sell yourself short, or risk missing opportunities for fear of the unknown. I would have never thought that I would ever be the philanthropy chair for my Kappa Psi chapter or that I would be planning such a big event like Fries with the Kappa Psi’s. There was a time when I probably would have let fear and doubt hold me back from taking on a leadership role, but I have come to realize that, as a brother in Kappa Psi, I have the unique privilege of being surrounded by a group of people, my brothers, who are willing to help me, support me, and cheer me on. We all have that support system. Use that as your motivation to run for a leadership position, join a committee, be an active participant in events, and step out of your comfort zone. You will always have your brothers there to support you and help you when you need them.