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Lauren Cartlidge
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Beta Psi Spotlight

Since her first year of pharmacy school, Lauren Cartledge has been a prominent leader of our chapter. She started off as her pledge class president, then served as the BΨ regent for two years after, and still remains active in her busy fourth year by holding a chair position. When asked about her motivation behind staying so active, she explained, “I couldn’t quit if I tried. I have put my heart and soul into KΨ; why wouldn’t I continue to contribute? You can’t get rid of me that easy!” Lauren hopes to continue to lead our chapter beyond graduation as a Grand Council Deputy and remain active in the Northern Plain’s Province.

Throughout her time as regent, she has been leading our chapter towards success by continuing to support and expand our philanthropy projects. Despite our chapter’s size, we have numerous philanthropy events and are consistently a top performing chapter above 90%. She also helped to revamp our rush process and even established workshops to train our brothers on how to efficiently recruit new members. Lauren was the perfect person to run this workshop as she is very passionate about her love for KΨ. She explained that she loves how our chapter, and even the province as a whole, are like a family to her. Despite only seeing our fellow NPP brothers twice a year, she always feels a sense of connectedness and comradery when attending the province assembly.

Lauren’s love and dedication to our chapter has helped guide us immensely. She exclaimed, “This was the best decision of my pharmacy school career. Thanks to the structure and support of brothers, I wouldn’t be where I am today without KΨ.” We all look forward to seeing Lauren remain active as a graduate brother in our chapter and hopefully help lead the province someday as well