beta nu
creighton university | Omaha, nE

Regent: Zachkery Colgrove,

Ryan Kano & Christopher Vanmanivong
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Beta Nu Spotlight

Q: What's your favorite aspect of Kappa Psi? 

Ryan: My favorite aspect Kappa Psi is that you are surrounded by your colleagues that have a passion for success. Success and failure make us better people, we learn for out shortcomings and grow together. Plus we all know how to have a good time. Our province team has been a great example of this. I appreciate all of their help and look forward to a great province assembly!

Q: What is one of the best parts about being the Province Planning Committee Chair? 


Chris: One of the best part about being one of the chairs of the Province Planning Committee is being able to consult my fellow brothers in the planning of Province. I enjoy hearing everyone’s thoughts and ideas, and organizing them to in order to make the planning process easier. Along with Ryan, we are able to take the best ideas from our brothers, organize them, and to try and make the best possible outcome for Province. Being able to work with other chair members allows me to focus on the bigger picture, and this opportunity also allows me to get to know my fellow brothers even better. Big thanks to all of my committee members and Kappa Psi for giving me this opportunity!