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The Auditing Committee provides an internal audit of the Northern Plains Province finances and policies. This includes the treasurer's electronic ledger, evidence of taxes being filed, savings/checking accounts, and by-laws. In addition, this committee reviews upcoming transactions for the province and discusses potential uses for province funds. During the past few assembly meetings, the auditing committee has discussed: sponsoring continuing education for Spring assembly meetings, increasing the number of scholarships awarded to brothers who wish to attend the Grand Council Convention (GCC), purchasing ritual regalia, donating to the Kappa Psi Foundation, and continued sponsorship of events at GCC to name a few. As the auditing body of the province, this committee has brought forth items to other committees to ensure the province runs smoothly and has consistent policies. This committee also thinks of creative ways to support the province with extra funds.




To be completed prior to upcoming province assembly

  • Discuss legislation altering our bylaws to change the name of the committee and have the auditing committee review new large payments and entertain a minimum spending limit before motions must be made by the provinces

To be discussed at upcoming province assembly

  • Audit financial documents and records of NPP accounts to ensure accuracy


  • Continue to update financial documents and records of NPP accounts

  • Remind chapters to file taxes and help chapters ensure that they are filing their chapter taxes correctly

  • Relay any information for dues to corresponding chapters

  • Upload documents to the Auditing Committee Google Drive folder as appropriate

To be completed before future province assembly

  • Audit financial documents/records of NPP accounts to ensure accuracy

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