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The Northern Plains Province was established on August 1st, 2012 during Kappa Psi’s international province realignment. Before the province realignment, NPP was comprised of Province's V and VIII. Currently, NPP has 10 collegiate chapters (Epsilon, Beta Nu, Beta Sigma, Beta Chi, Beta Psi, Gamma Epsilon, Gamma Kappa, Delta Zeta, Delta Psi, Zeta Theta) and 6 Graduate chapters (Iowa Graduate, Minnesota

Graduate, Nebraska Graduate, North Dakota Graduate, South Dakota Graduate, and

Wisconsin Graduate). Zeta Theta was added to the province when they were chartered on January 30th, 2015.


The province is lead by an executive council consisting of Satrap, Vice Satrap, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, Chaplain, and Webmaster under the guidance of the immediate past Satrap and two supervisors. Greg Zumach was elected as the first Satrap of the new province during the inaugural meeting in Omaha, Nebraska in October 2012.


As Northern Plains Province brought together two of Kappa Psi’s previous provinces, it was important to start fresh with new traditions. The Northern Plains Province continues to hold regular province assemblies (previously referred to as Conclaves) each fall and spring. Collegiate chapters take turns hosting the meetings. Professional development is promoted with continuing education sessions, Regents luncheons, and pledge workshops. Fundraisers for various philanthropies, including the Reach Out and Read, take place in the form of 50/50 raffles, chapter sales, and item drives. The Province Assembly business meeting is usually concluded with a banquet and keynote speakers.

Also during the banquet, chapters within the province are recognized for their dedication to the fraternity with several different awards: Best Chapter Report, Traveling Trophy, and PhilanTrophy. Social events at Province Assembly have included themed costume nights, formal dances, concerts, and a mentalist. The province also comes together at Grand Council Conventions, new chapter charters, anniversaries and other special events.

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